About Us

Quality and service

Welcome to the Digestive System Integrated Center.

The professionalism that give to us our 20 years of experience in the digestive tract health supports us.

Our specialists team are made of professional prestige, which are trained to give the best service and human warmthness that each of our patients require.

Latest technology and innovation in our procedures, have been made of the Digestive System Integrated Center consolidated in Costa Rica as the best option for the digestive system health.

Our facilities are strategically located within the best medical institution, La Clínica Bíblica, offering hospital coverage with specialists offering security, speed and peace in case of an emergency.

Patient Care

The advanced procedures that we perform are painless. These offer the patient the benefit of waking up without any pain, dizziness, or vomiting. The most frequent expression in our patients is: “At what time you carried out the procedure?”.

We know the great importance of implementing all safety standards, that is why we take into account the smallest detail.

We monitor each procedure:

  • Heart monitoring
  • blood oxygen
  • Pulse
  • respiration rate
  • blood pressure


We offer comfortable facilities and technologically advanced in the field of medicine.

We have 4 rooms of endoscopy and recovery rooms always monitored. Our endoscopy rooms are equipped with sufficient endoscopes (tubes) for their rotation and sterilization

Our technology is vital to provide high quality care and professionalism.

We sterilize our medical equipment each patient and we comply with the standards and monitoring of the Joint Commission.